RIMSE Spring Break Experience

RIMSE Spring Break Experience: A brief hands-on introduction to materials science research for undergraduate and high school students

UC San Diego MRSEC RIMSE Spring Break Research Experience: 2025

This program is meant to introduce students to the RIMSE summer research opportunities in the UC San Diego MRSEC, and to prepare students to engage in more in-depth research experiences, both within MRSEC (UC San Diego MRSEC RIMSE Summer Schools), and the UC San Diego research community at large.

In 2025 there will be two Spring Break RIMSE programs: the Predictive Assembly experience, run by Prof. Tod Pascal, will introduce participants to the computational tools used to design and understand self-asssembled nanomaterials. The Silicon Nanotechnology school, run by Prof. Michael Sailor, will focus on synthesis of silicon-based nanomaterials and their use in medicine, environmental sensing, quantum devices, and renewable energy applications.

Activities include

  • Safety training (general safety training required by the university, as well as laboratory-specific training
  • Hands-on experiments
  • Shadowing of postdoctoral researchers and graduate students

Dates: Mon, Mar 24-Thurs Mar 27, 2025

Time: 9am-noon, 1-4 each day

To apply/register for the program, please send a 1-page Personal Statement describing your background and interests, your school and major (if applicable), and your anticipated year of graduation.  Also include a CV/Resume.  You can optionally have academic recommenders send letters (under separate cover) that address your accomplishments, skills, knowledge, scholarly dedication and suitability for undergraduate research.  All materials should be sent by email to the addresses below.

Applications to the Silicon Nanotechnology SB-RIMSE program should be sent to Professor Michael Sailor at msailor@ucsd.edu

Applications to the Predictive Assembly  SB-RIMSE program should be sent to Prof. Tod Pascal at tpascal@ucsd.edu

Participants in the 2025 RIMSE Spring Break Research Experiences are listed here.