2025 RIMSE Spring Break Participants

a Research Immersion in Materials Science & Engineering (RIMSE) program of the UC San Diego MRSEC, a National Science Foundation Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

An introduction to materials science research and to RIMSE summer research opportunities in the UC San Diego MRSEC, to prepare students to engage in more in-depth research experiences within MRSEC (UC San Diego MRSEC RIMSE Summer Schools) or in the UC San Diego research community at large.

2025 Participants

Name: It Could Be You
BIO: Bagel is an undergraduate student attending Bakers Tech Community College (Class of 2027) who will be participating in the 2025 Silicon Nanotechnology Spring Break RIMSE program. She is interested in learning how nanotechnology can improve caper, smoked salmon, and cream cheese toppings. In her free time she enjoys brunch, being lightly toasted, and reading Tao’s Chemical Principles of Nanoengineering.
RIMSE Spring Break School: Silicon Nanotechnology
ORCID: 0000-0000-0000-0000
Safety tour: 25 Mar 2025
Etch test: N/A, she is a bagel