Reagan Beers

Reagan Beers is a UC San Diego undergraduate Chemistry major (class of 2022), who participated in the 2020 SSSiN (coronavirus edition). She also participated in the 2021 SSSiN as a Mentor, with a research focus on porous Si films and particles as catalytic materials.

Kyle Bentz


Samantha Bordy

Guorui Cai

Brian Lee

Seth Mclaughlin

Seth is an undergraduate student (class of 2024) in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at UC San Diego. His interests include structures and materials, and bioinspired design. His research experience includes a project on the bending and torsion mechanics of bird feathers, under the direction of Prof. Marc Meyers from the Nanoengineering department. Seth participated in the 2021 Spring Break Undergraduate Research Experience "mini RIMSE" program and is participating as a Mentor in the 2021 SSSiN.

Seyedmehdi Hossaini Nasr

Mehdi Nasr received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Michigan State University in 2018, and began working as a post-doc in the laboratory of our collaborator, Erkki Ruoslahti in 2019. He received his Pharm.D. degree from Tehran University of Medical Science in 2007. He participated in the 2019 Summer School for Silicon Nanotechnology and joined the lab in July 2020.

Sharon Lin

Sharon is a postdoctoral researcher at the Seth Cohen lab in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UC San Diego. Her current research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of hybrid materials containing polymers and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). She obtained her B.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering at SUNY Buffalo, and later obtained her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). During her Ph.D., Sharon conducted research on polymer film morphology for gas separation applications.

Alec Rachkov

Steven Schara

Steven is a second-year NanoEngineering Ph.D. student advised by Professor Darren Lipomi. His research is focused on the synthesis and mechanical properties of conjugated polymers for biodegradable electronics as well as 3D printing applications. He aspires to propel his Ph.D. into an academic profession, as his main goal is to teach and mentor students like himself one day. He received his B.S. in Materials Science from Rice University.

Sanahan Vijayakumar

Sanahan Vijayakumar is a PhD student in the UCSD Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) program who joined the Sailor Group in Fall 2018. He completed his B.Eng. in 2017 in Materials Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada where his previous research focused on preparation of porous silicon nanowires using Metal Assisted Chemical Etch (MACE). During his studies at McGill, Sanahan interned with Prof. Gaël Gautier at the University of Tours, France and then with Prof. Nicolas Vöelcker at the University of South Australia. Sanahan was a participant in the 2012 Summer School for Silicon Nanotechnology (SSSiN) and he served as a Senior Mentor in the 2013, 2018, and 2019 SSSiN. His thesis focuses on porous silicon-based sensors and drug delivery materials.

Elliot Weiss

Elliot is a fifth-year Ph.D. student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, co-advised by Professors Susan Golden and Greg Mitchell. Prior to beginning his graduate program, he worked for several years as a laboratory technician, studying phytoplankton photophysiology and traveling to both the Arctic and Antarctic to analyze the optical properties of seawater in these regions. His thesis focuses on the interactions between phytoplankton and light, with an emphasis on ultraviolet radiation. Using highthroughput genomic techniques, he is elucidating strategies for high light and ultraviolet radiation tolerance in a model cyanobacterium. Simultaneously, he aims to apply techniques and results of these studies towards biotechnological applications. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, playing several different instruments, and surfing.

David Wirth

David joined the Pokorski lab in 2018, a San Diego native with an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, he began his career in Dr. Laurent Pilon's lab at UCLA where he developed novel re-startable solid rocket motors.  Following graduation he served 4 years in the Air Force as an engineering officer, and founded a company, Fabric8Labs based on his novel approach to electrochemical metal 3D printing.   He is currently working to develop novel techniques for bottom up manufacturing, 3D printing and nanobiotechnology.

Thaiesha Wright

Thaiesha is a postdoctoral researcher at the Pokorski Lab, working on mammalian cellular engineering utilizing ring opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) as a UC president’s postdoctoral fellow. She has a B.S. in chemistry from Spelman College. She later obtained her Ph.D. in chemistry from Miami University of Ohio under the direction of Prof. Dominik Konkolewicz and Prof. Richard Page by developing protein-polymer bioconjugates. Following this, she served as a chancellor’s postdoctoral fellow at the University of Colorado, Boulder under the direction of Prof. Joel Kaar. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, exploring new places, and baking.