Michael Sailor

Distinguished Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Andrea Tao

co-Lead, IRG 1: Predictive Assembly
Professor & Vice Chair of Education, Nanoengineering

Tod Pascal

co-Lead, IRG1: Predictive Assembly
Asst. Professor, Nanoengineering and Chemical Engineering

Jonathan Pokorski

co-Lead, IRG 2: Living Materials
Professor, Nanoengineering

Nicole Steinmetz

co-Lead, IRG2: Living Materials
Professor, Nanoengineering

Jesse Jokerst

Shared Research Facilities Co-Lead
Professor, Nanoengineering

Shirley Meng

Shared Research Facilities/External Research Relations Co-Lead
Zable Endowed Professor, Nanoengineering

Andrew Kummel

External Research & Industry Relations Co-Lead
Distinguished Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Stacey Brydges

Director, MRSEC Education & Outreach
Teaching Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Yves Theriault

Coordinator, MRSEC Education & Outreach
Program Manager, Education & Outreach Programs, Qualcomm Institute
Director, Education Program & Outreach, San Diego Nanotechnology Infrastructure

Sharon Franks

Senior Director, Research Development

Trainee Leadership Advisory Council


Debika Datta

IRG2 Trainee Leadership Council Representative

Alexandria Do

IRG1 Trainee Leadership Council Representative

Janka Bond

Assistant Director


Tsol Lkhagvasuren

Executive Assistant