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Publications resulting from work that was enabled by access to our facilities (IMCF)

Journal Papers:

  1. Davies, D. M.; Yang, Y.; Sablina, E. S.; Yin, Y.; Mayer, M.; Zhang, Y.; Olguin, M.; Lee, J. Z.; Lu, B.; Damien, D.; Borodin, O.; Rustomji, C. S.; Meng, Y. S., A Safer, Wide-Temperature Liquefied Gas Electrolyte Based on Difluoromethane. J. Power Sources 2021, 493, 229668.

Conference papers:

  1. Jean-Marie Doux, Ying Shirley Meng “Advanced Characterization and Diagnosis of Sulfide Based Solid Electrolytes and Their Interfaces”, Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring/Fall Meeting 2020, S.EN12.08.01


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