This summer camp will introduce the fundamental design principles and operation mechanisms of lithium-ion batteries, as well as techniques to fabricate and evaluate their performance. There are three key focus of this camp:

  • Materials and chemistry of lithium-ion batteries
  • Theory and modeling of cell operation
  • Fabrication, testing and performance evaluation

Program Information 

Course Elements:

      • Open ceremony and introduction
      • Lectures
      • Lab training and experiments
      • Shadowing/Mentoring by Faculty, Postdoctoral, and Graduate Students
      • Synthesis and fabrication
      • Half-cells and full cells
      • Testing and data analysis
      • Modeling and projection
      • Weekly assignment/report
      • Presentation and Award ceremony

Applicant Requirement:

      • Solid background (nanoengineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, materials science, etc.)
      • Strong interest in renewable energy
      • Passionate about science and research
      • Research experience NOT required
      • GPA > 3.3


      • Knowledge in lithium-ion batteries
      • Hands on experience in fabrication and testing
      • Internship and job opportunities
      • Stipend for students: $4,000/8 weeks
      • Win a ride on Honda Race Car!

Program Dates: Monday, June 20 to Sunday, August 14, 2022.
If access to the labs is still restricted (based on the University's COVID-19 guidelines), activity may be partially or completely virtual.


Application Deadlines: May 20, 2022
*Applications are considered on a rolling basis until deadline, May 20, 2022.

For questions, please contact Professor Ping Liu: and Professor Zheng Chen:
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