Four-point probe

Four-Point Conductivity Probe Station

For measuring electrical conductivity of flat samples, for wafer resistivity measurements. Jandel probe head with tungsten carbide tips of 100 micron radius of curvature, 0.4mm diameter needles, 1mm spacing (1.591mm needle to needle), springs accommodating 70+ gram load.  Measurement made with Keithley™ DMM 7510 multimeter (7 1/2 digits). Pneumatically actuated probe station, and a digital micrometer thickness gauge.

Hourly rate: UC Users: $10  • non-UC Users: $14.50

Location: Pacific Hall room 4229 • UC San Diego Main Campus • 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0358 USA

Contact: Ricardo De Luna, Facility Manager
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