Opportunities for Involvement in UC San Diego MRSEC Activities

Current MRSEC-Affiliated Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

UC San Diego MRSEC deeply values its participant engagement in and contribution to non-research, Center-sponsored E&O activities that advance access and equity in materials science and engineering. The benefits are not only external; beyond enjoyment and satisfaction derived from impacting the lives of others, trainees can expect to gain new perspectives and practice in science communication. To convey our commitment to these efforts, all MRSEC trainees are expected to contribute at least 32 hours per year to MRSEC-specific E&O activities. These efforts are endorsed by MRSEC faculty advisors, who also take part.

The Center offers a wide range of engagement opportunities throughout the academic year and summer period, which members can select from based on their preferences, interest, and unique strengths. Examples of engagement activities include co-facilitating an interactive table/booth exhibit on or off campus, assisting with community outreach events, preparing supplies and materials for demos and hands-on activities, and presenting about MRSEC-supported research at UC San Diego or at local K-12/high schools, among others.


For a list of specific current activities and initiatives you can get involved in, click here. For additional information, contact Janka Bond at j2bond@eng.ucsd.edu. UC San Diego MRSEC trainees can self-report their hours of participation in UC San Diego MRSEC education and outreach effort using this online log.


Students and Postdoctoral Researchers from UC San Diego and External Institutions


Students and postdoctoral researchers interested in getting involved in UC San Diego MRSEC projects are welcome to:

  • Submit an application to participate in the Research Immersion in Materials Science & Engineering (RIMSE) Spring Break Experience, or in one of the Research Immersion in Materials Science & Engineering (RIMSE) Summer Schools. Details on how to apply can be found on our website.
  • Contact any of the of MRSEC-affiliated faculty regarding opportunities for research collaboration in their laboratories. More information can be found on the Research - IRG1 and Research - IRG2 webpages.